Everton have failed in their search for a goal in the Premier League. The team has not managed to score in the first half of the season, and the first goal was scored by the Crystal Palace.

The team has been playing quite well, but the lack of goals has become a big problem. The Everton’s players have not been able to find their game for a long time, so they have not managed the necessary motivation to score goals.
The Crystal Palace started the season quite well and managed to get into the top-4. However, after that, the team started to lose points. The problem is that the team has a good goalkeeper, who can stop the ball from the Everton.
However, the Everton”s goalkeeper has not been very effective for the team, so the team’ goal is to find the goal scorer.
Crystal Palace’ goalkeeper has a bad game, and Everton‘s goalkeeper is not able to save the ball well. The goalkeeper of the Crystal have a good game, but he has not saved the ball for a while.
In the first match, the goalkeeper of Everton had a good start, but after that he lost the ball a lot and missed the goal.
It is important to note that the goalkeeper has good game in the Everton matches, but in the matches against Crystal Palace, he was not able.
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Football Results of Everton
The Everton“s football results are not very good, but it is not the first time that the club has problems with its results.
Ever since the start of the new season, the club’ football results have not improved. The club has not scored a single goal in matches, and after that the fans and experts have noticed that the Everton players have a bad attitude.
After the start, the players of the team were not motivated to play, and they did not show good results. The fans and analysts have noticed this, and it is clear that the players have lost their motivation.
At the same time, the fans have noticed the good results of the club. The results of Everton matches have not changed, and this is another proof that the football results of this team are not so good.
Another problem of the Everton is the lack in the number of goals. The first goal of the Palace was scored in the match against the Crystal. The match ended with a score of 2:1.
This is another evidence that the match ended in a draw.
“Everton” players have the same problem in the second half of matches. The players have started the match with a good result, but then they lost the game.
If we look at the football result of the matches, we can say that the game of the players was not so successful.
There are no goals scored in matches against the teams from the top 4.
Also, we should not forget that the first game of Everton was not very successful, too.
What to Expect from Everton In Next Match
The players have to find motivation in matches and show good football results. They have to do this, because the team needs to get out of the relegation zone.
Now, the situation is not so bad, but we should expect a lot from the team. The next match of the “Ever” will be very important for the club, because it will be the first home match of Josep Guardiola’ squad.
So, the ‘Guardiola’ team has to win the match, because now the team is in a good shape and has a chance to get to the top 6.
We will see whether the team will be able to do it or not.
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