Coutinha’s first season in the Premier League was not without its problems. The Portuguese scored only two goals in the first half of the campaign, and his team was unable to impose a serious fight on the leaders. However, the summer brought a number of interesting acquisitions, and the team looks more convincing than ever.
Consequently, Coutinho is back in the starting lineup, and it is now up to the team to fight for the title.
The Portuguese has already scored a few goals this season, and he has already managed to become a true sensation. This is not surprising, because he is an excellent finisher who is able to score from a distance.
However, the main thing is that Coutinho has become a great player, and this is exactly what the fans are looking for.

The team’s results have improved significantly in the second half of this season. The team is now in a position to fight with Manchester City for the champion title. The Citizens have a better squad and are able to impose more pressure on the rivals.
In the long run, the Portuguese’ performance in the team may be the deciding factor in the fight for gold medals. Coutinho’ is one of the main players of the team, and if the team succeeds in the long term, it will be able to fight against the Citizens.
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Latest news on the Portuguese player
The season has already ended, and Coutinho was one of several players who left the team. However the Portuguese has not left the football world yet, and we will see if he will return to the field in the near future.
This summer, the team signed several players, and they have already managed not to disappoint their fans. The main acquisition is the Brazilian forward Mauro Zarate. The player has already shown himself in the national team, but he needs to prove himself in a more serious league.
Zarate is a player who can be considered as a replacement for the main star of the Portuguese team, Cristiano Ronaldo. The transfer of the player cost a lot of money, but the club managed to make a good profit.
It is worth noting that the player is a very good finisher, and in the final of the Champions League, he managed to score a goal. The goal was scored by the ball from the left flank, and after the goal, the fans were able to see the famous “Zarate”.
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Current position of the club in the standings
The club has already won the championship of Portugal twice, but it is not the first time that it has been in the middle of the standings. The club has been fighting for the position of champion for several years, and now it is quite possible that it will fight for a place in the Champions league zone.
At the moment, the club is in the third position of its group, but if it manages to get into the playoffs, it is likely to be able enter the top 4.
Moreover, the position in the group is not a bad result for the club. The first two positions of the group are occupied by:
* Barcelona;
* Real Madrid.
If the club manages to reach the playoffs and will be in the top-4, it can be quite confident that the club will be one of those who will be invited to the Champions club tournament.
So far, the results of the season have not been very successful for the team in terms of results and position in its group. However this does not mean that the team will not be able win the championship.
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The player has been playing in the Portuguese national team for a long time, and there is no doubt that he has the necessary experience to lead the team successfully in the future. However it is also worth noting the fact that the Portuguese is not in the best shape.
He has already lost a lot weight, and at the moment he is not able to perform at the level of his former self. However Coutinho still has a lot to learn, and until now he has managed to prove that he is a good finishers.
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Main results of other clubs in the championship
The following clubs have already shown themselves in the international arena:
1. Barcelona. The Catalans are in the lead of the championship for several months now, but they have not managed to win it yet. The last game of the Catalan team was very unsuccessful, and many experts believe that the players will not repeat the performance in La Liga.
2. Real Madrid, which is also not in a good shape. The Royal Club has already missed the playoffs in the previous season, but this time it is much more difficult to get out of the relegation zone. The situation is even worse than it was last year, when the team was in the 4th position of La Liga and was in a fight for survival.

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