Montellas coach Julen Lopetegui has already stated that he will not hesitate to impose a ban on players who are not playing well. This is what the Argentinean has done with the players of the team, who are now in the middle of the tournament table.

The team is in the last part of the standings, so the players have to do their best to get into the playoffs. This will be extremely difficult, since the team has not been in the top 4 for a long time.
In the last rounds, the team was in the first place, but lost to the team of Real Madrid. This was the first time in the history of the club that the first position was lost to a team that was not in the Champions League.
The situation worsened when the team lost to Barcelona. The Catalans had a good start, but then lost to Real Madrid and then to Barcelona again.
Lopeteguillia is now trying to get the team to the playoffs, but it is extremely difficult to do this, as the team is not in a good shape.
Vazquez’s ban: “We need to do our best”

Montecristos goalkeeper David Vaz, who has already been punished for a few mistakes, has been punished again. The Spanish goalkeeper was punished for not following the instructions of the referee, who gave him a yellow card.
This was the second time in a row that the goalkeeper has been given a yellow. The first time was in a match against Sevilla.
Despite the fact that the team did not lose, the goalkeeper was given a penalty. The referee did not give the penalty to the goalkeeper, but he did to the Sevilla player who was not following instructions of his coach.
Monaco lost the match, and the goalkeeper received a yellow for not being in the right place.
“I am very disappointed with the decision of the match referee, because the goalkeeper did not receive a penalty,” said the head coach of the Spanish team, Julen.
“We need all the players to do the best they can to get out of the last position. We need to be in the playoffs and we need to get to the quarterfinals, otherwise we will not be able to get a result. We are in the final of the Champions Cup, and we have to be there. We have to show that we are a team, and not just a group of players.”
Vazaquez’s penalty: ‘I am not happy’
Vaz is not happy with the result of the penalty. He thinks that it is not the right decision of a match referee.
He said: ”I am disappointed with this decision. I am not sure if it was a mistake, but I am sure that it was not the referee’ decision.
I am sure the referee did his best to give the right penalty. I think the goalkeeper deserved the penalty, but the referee gave it to Sevilla, who did not deserve it.“
The goalkeeper was not given a card, but this was not enough for the referee to give a penalty to him.
It is not known how many times the penalty will be given, but Vaz has already received a penalty in the past.
However, the Spanish goalkeeper is not going to give up. He is determined to get his penalty.
Real Madrid and Barcelona have already given him a chance to get it, and he has already scored a goal.
What are the chances of the goalkeeper to get another one?
“I think that I will get another penalty. It is not a matter of luck, but of the fact the goalkeeper is good and has good skills.
We are counting on him, and I am very confident that we will get a good result.’’
Lopeta has already shown that he is not afraid of a fight, and is ready to do his best.
Will the team be able not to lose to its rivals?
The chances of Real, Barcelona and Atletico are not very good, but Montella is confident that his players will be able win.
They have already shown a good game, and now they need to show more.
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