The game against Frankfurt was a real struggle, and the result was not what the team wanted. The team was not in a good mood, and this was reflected in the score. In the first half, the team was almost always on the attack, and in the second half, it was not able to impose its will on the opponents.
The team’s main problem was the lack of motivation. The players were tired of playing in the Europa League, and they just wanted to win the championship.

The players were not in the best shape, and it was obvious that they needed rest. The coach did not want to give them rest, so he tried to find a solution. The first option was to play without the leaders, but this did not work.
“Bayern” players did not show their best game, and as a result, the score was not the most impressive. The problem was that the team did not have the right to take advantage of the mistake of its opponents. This is why the team missed the penalty.
It is obvious that the coach did everything possible to win, but the players did their best, and that is why they were able to get the result they wanted.
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Latest livescore of the match
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At the moment, the fans can see the results for the match between “Bayers” and “Borussia”. The game was a struggle, but “Berliner” was able to take the lead. The score was 1:1.
After the first goal, the game was tense, and ‘Boruss’ players were able not to lose the initiative. The second goal was scored by “Schalke” player. The result was 2:1 for “Werder”, and a place in the Champions League zone.
However, the “Blaugrana” were not able not only to get into the Champions league zone, but also to win a place. The main problem of the team is the lack motivation. This problem is obvious, and therefore the coach decided to take some rest.
In the second round, the players had a rest, and then they were ready to fight again. The results of this match were not so successful, and after the game the team players were very tired.
Bayern was in a bad mood, but it was clear that the players were ready for a fight. The club is looking for a place into the Europa league zone. However, the problem is that the club does not have a good squad. The lack of experience is another problem, as the team has not played in the top division for a long time.

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