Neymar is one of the most expensive football players in the world. This is not surprising, because he is a player who is able to score a lot of goals. This season, the Brazilian has managed to score more than 100 goals.
However, it is not the only thing that makes Neymar a good player. The main thing is that he is able not to get tired. This allows him to score many goals in a row.
Numerous experts have already predicted that the Brazilian will leave Barcelona. However, the club has not yet decided to do so. The reason for this is that the club is not ready to pay such a high price for the player.
Will Neymar leave the club?
However long it takes for the club to decide to sell the player, the chances are that he will leave the team. The club is a long way from the Champions League, and it is clear that the team will not be able to compete for the title.
The main thing that will make Neymar stay at the club will be the fact that the player has a good contract. The player will get a good salary, which will allow the club not to miss the transfer fee.

The transfer fee of Neymar is worth more that 100 million euros. The transfer fee is more than the cost of the playerโ€™s contract.
Who will replace him?
It is clear now that the main thing for Barcelona is to find a new player who can replace the player who has left the team for a long time. The team needs to find someone who can help the team in the long run.
In the current season, Barcelona has a lot to do. The players have to do their best in order to win the title, and this is not easy.
This is why the club needs to look for a new star player who will help the club in the future. Neymar will not stay at Barcelona forever. He will be able leave the Catalan club, but it is still not clear if he will stay at 100% or not.
If Neymar leaves the club, the team needs someone who will replace the star player. In this case, it will be very difficult to win a long tournament distance.
Where can you follow the latest news from the world of football?
The world of sports is always changing. This applies to the world football too. It is now much easier to follow the news from all over the world, because now it is possible to follow it on the website of sports statistics.
It has recently become much easier for fans to follow all the latest information from the football world. The website of statistics provides a wide range of information, which is updated in real time.
Fans can follow the world’s football on the site of sports statisticians. This site is very convenient, because it does not matter where you are, because the information is updated live.
New season for Barcelona
Barcelona has recently started the new season. The Catalan club is currently in the Champions league. The current season is very successful for the team, because they managed to win all the matches they have played.
Despite the fact, that the season is already over, the current Barcelona team is still very strong. This can be seen by the fact they managed not to lose any matches in the current tournament.
Barรงa is a club that is always ready to win, and the team has a very good lineup. The lineup of the team is very diverse, which allows the club’s players to always find a way to score goals. The most popular player of the current team is Lionel Messi.
Many experts have predicted that Messi will leave Barca. However the club does not yet have a decision to make. The reasons for this are:
1. The contract Messi has with the club. The cost of Messi’s contract is very high, which means that the price of the contract is too high for Barcelona.
2. The fact that Messi has a bad contract. This means that he can leave the squad at any time. However this is still a long-term contract. Messi has already managed to leave the Barcelona squad for a few years, which shows that he has a long career ahead of him.
3. The lack of motivation of the club leaders. Many of them have not yet managed to show their best game, which has led to the fact the team does not look as good as it did in the previous season.
All these factors have led to a decision that will be made by the club later on.
What is the future of Messi at Barcelona?
This season, Messi has managed not only to score several goals, but also to score against the best teams in the tournament. This has made him one of its most popular players.
Messi has already left the club for a couple of years, but he is still one of their most popular football players. This shows that the players of the Catalan team are ready to spend a long period of time at the team and to give their all for the success of the squad.
There is a good chance that Messi leaves the team at the end of the season. This will allow them to find another star player to replace the Barcelona player. This player will have to be able not only score many points, but to also do his best in every match.

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