Arsenal’s crisis at the start of the season has been well documented, but the Gunners have also managed to strengthen their squad in the summer. One of the main players who has joined the team is the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez.
Sanchez has already scored a lot of goals for the Gunner, and he has already managed to become the most expensive player in the history of the Premier League.

The player is a very good striker, who can also play as a winger. However, he is not the best in the air, so the Gunns will need to use him in the attack.
Arsenal has a number of players who are able to do this, such as:
· Lukaku;
· Wilshere;
• Unai Emery.
The latter is the head coach of the Gun, and his main task is to strengthen the team. It is worth noting that the team has a good squad, and it is possible to make the most of the situation.
Alexis Sanchez has joined Arsenal
The Chilean forward has already become a sensation for the team, and now he will be able to help the team in the fight for the title. Arsenal has already signed a number players who can play in the attacking line, such us:
* Giroud;
* Ramsey;

* Aubameyang.
The latter is a player who has already made a name for himself in the English Premier League, and this is exactly what the Gun will need.
Emery’sthe main coach of Arsenal
Emery has managed to create a good team, which is able to fight for gold medals. The team has already won the League Cup, and the team will be stronger in the future.
It is also worth noting the fact that the Gun has a lot experience in the Champions League, which will allow them to win the tournament.
Now, the team needs to focus on the Premier league, and they will need the help of Sanchez. The Chilean forward is able not only to score goals, but also to create chances for his team mates.
So far, the Gun is in a good shape, and we can expect a lot from the team during the season.
Main Intrigues of Season in the Premier Ligue
The Premier League is one of the most intense championships in the world, and there is no doubt that the fight will continue until the last round. The main intrigue of the current season is the struggle for the champion title.
In the current campaign, the main contenders for the gold medals are:
1. Manchester City.
2. Liverpool.
3. Chelsea.
4. Tottenham.
5. Manchester United.
6. Arsenal.
7. Leicester.
8. Everton.
9. Southampton.
10. Manchester United again.
There are a lot more teams that can be added to the list, but these are the main teams that are considered the main favorites of the championship.
However, the Premier club season is not over yet, and many teams have a chance to fight until the very last round, and that is exactly why the intrigue is so high.
Main Intrigue of the Season in Premier League
The current season has already shown that the Premier is one the most unpredictable championships in Europe. The teams are not always in the same place at the same time, and in the last rounds, the teams have to find a solution to the problems that have arisen.
It is now much easier to follow the results of the matches, as well as to follow all the news that is happening in the championship of England. The Premier League has a great number of interesting confrontations, and every day, the fans can expect to see a lot new events.
Now, the season is in full swing, and fans can follow the development of events in real time on the website of sports statistics.
Manchester City’sscores
The Citizens have a good chance to win their first champion title, and for this, they need to do their best in every match. The club has already strengthened its squad, which should help it to achieve the desired result.
Among the main acquisitions of the team are:
· Gerrard;
· Wijnaldum;

· Ramsey;
· De Jong.
These players can help the Citizens to win gold medals in the current championship. Now, they will have to do the best of themselves, and if they do not succeed, then the club will be punished.
Manchester City� is a team that can fight for a place in the top 4. The Citizens have an excellent squad, but it is not enough to win all the matches. The players have to work together, and sometimes, they have to play with each other.
At the same, the Citizens have the potential to win a place among the top 5 teams. They have already managed this, and a lot can be expected from the Citizens in the coming season. The current season will be remembered by the team for a long time, as they will fight for their place in European competitions.

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