The new season in Serie a has begun, and already there are a lot of surprises. The teams have a lot to prove, and the main goal of the leaders is to win the championship.
The first matches of the new season have shown that the gap between the teams is very small. The main surprise of the first rounds was the performance of Juventus. The Bianco-Neri have a good lineup, but the coach, Antonio Conte, has not yet managed to get the best out of the players.
However, the main surprise is the performance and the results of Inter. The team has a good coach, but his players are not playing at their maximum level.

The main goal for the team is to get into the Champions League zone, and it is clear that the first matches will be decisive.
Who will win the title?
The Italian championship is extremely interesting, and there is no doubt that the leaders will fight for the title.
Conte’s team is very strong and has a lot in common with Juventus. However, the Bianco Neri have a better squad, and they are more likely to win.
Juventus has a large number of players who can be used in different situations. The coach has managed to find a good balance between the attacking and defensive lines. The defense is also very strong, which allows the coach to rotate the players at will.
Inter has a similar lineup, although the team has been playing for a long time. The problem for the club is that it is not as strong as Juventus. It is clear, however, that the team will not give up its fight for gold medals.
It is very important for the teams to play well in the first games of the season, because the gap in the standings is very large.
Where to find the latest news about the Serie A and other sports competitions?
It’ll be very difficult for Conte� to lead the team to the Champions league, but he has managed successfully to get a good result in the Italian championship. The first matches showed that the players are ready to fight for a place in the top-4.
In the next season, Juventus will try to get closer to Inter, and Conte will have to decide whether to keep the coach or to choose a new one.
At the moment, the team looks very strong. The players are playing at 100% and have a high level of motivation. The only problem is the number of matches ahead.
They have to play against the teams from the lower divisions, and if they do not manage to get some points, then they will be in real trouble.
All the latest results from the Italian football
The season has already shown that Juventus is not the best team in the country. The previous season, the club was in the Champions, and this time it is much more difficult to get to the next stage.
This is because the team needs to play at 100%, and the players have to do their best.
Despite the fact that the previous season was not successful for the Bianconeri, they are still a very good team. The success of the club has been due to the fact the coach of the team, Antonio Guedes, has managed not to make mistakes.
Now, the coach has to decide which team to play for in the future. The club has a long and successful history, and its fans expect to see the team in a higher class.
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Latest Serie A results
The start of the championship of Italy has shown that it will be very interesting. The Serie A has a number of interesting matches ahead, and we will see who will be able to take advantage of the situation and who will lose points.
After the first round, Juventus was the only team that was able to get points, and now it is the main favorite of the tournament. The season is long, and even the leaders have to be careful.
We’ve already seen that the club can play at a high intensity, and that is why it is very likely that the result of the match will be a draw. The fans are expecting a lot from the team this season, and many of them are ready for a fight.
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Team’ s chances of winning the title
Juve has a strong lineup, which is very suitable for the championship, as it has a high number of attacking players. The head coach, Guede, has been able to find good combinations of players, which has allowed him to get results.
If the team wants to get further in the championship and get into a higher position, then it will have a difficult time. However it is quite possible that the coach will be replaced in the near future.
There is a high probability that the new coach will have the same philosophy as Gueded, and he will try not to lose points in the matches against weaker teams.
One of the main goals of the fans is to see a champion title for Juventus.

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